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Simple Ways Help Sell Your Home

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

We all have occasions when we must move to a new place and sell our current home. Perhaps we are starting a job in a new area. It may be that we are getting older and our children have grown up, so we decide to downsize our home. Finally, we may be starting a new family or increasing the size of our family and need to sell our old home and buy a larger home for the family. People have all kinds of reasons to sell their current home and often they want to sell it quickly. How can you sell your home quickly and get on the right track to move into your new home? Here are some simple ways to enhance your home and make it sell as fast as possible.

1. Repair All Damages.

Repairing all damage to your home should be the first thing you do. Unless you are selling your home as it is, repairing the damage of your home will speed up the sale process. After years and years, some damage and wear and tear on the house are obvious. Many buyers do not want to do repair projects after they buy a new home. Hiring a handyman to repair all the damage before you put it on the market will speed up the sale and increase the sales value. Patch up the hole in the drywall, seal up the crack in the driving way and replace the damaged fence or mailbox. Repairing these obvious areas of damage will improve your home value and speed up your home sale.

2. Repainting your home.

Repainting your home’s interior and exterior can give your home a new look and enhance its marketability. It will immediately make your home look fresh and clean and help your home to sell fast. Choose a paint color that is fresh and neutral when you are painting your home. You may want to use a variety of colors in painting the bedrooms; however, for the common areas, such as kitchen and family rooms, it is better to use the same color to provide uniformity and make the spaces look larger. You may paint your master bedroom a Haint Blue in the Dixie Belle Color Chart located below. It will give your master bedroom a fresh, clean, and tranquil feeling. The Drop Cloth color shown on the chart will give your bedroom a warm and cozy feeling. No matter what color you choose, just make sure it is neutral and bright. I do not recommend you paint your master bedroom in pink color. Pink is a very particular color that only a few people will accept, especially in the master bedroom. However, people who have a little girl may like to paint her bedroom pink or purple. You cannot predict the color preferences of your future purchaser; therefore, a neutral color that everyone can accept will be the best choice. Exterior paint colors should be selected using the same principle: Neutral and clean. However, exterior colors can be darker than interior colors. For example, in the Dixie Belle Color chart, Sandbar, Sawmill Gravy, Dried Sage, or Sea Glass, will be a great neutral color for your exterior paint. No matter what color you choose, the principle is to stay neutral and clean.

3. Add Curb Appeals.

Add some new plants and trim your old and overgrown plants neatly. Give your front and back yard a new look and makeover. Pull out the weeds and lay down some mulch in your flower beds. Trim the overgrown bushes and edge the grass. Plant new flowers in some brown spots. Do not be afraid to add some color to the landscaping. The color variety will spice up your yard and give your yard a dramatic look. Choose native plants that are most suitable for growing in your area. Consider perennials plants, which can bloom for multiple seasons and save the cost of replanting every year. If your yard is too dry, add some plants that do not require too much water. If your back yard is too wet and muddy, plant landscaping that likes water and moisture. You may also want to include some plants which can expel mosquitoes, such as Citronella, Lavender, Marigold, etc. Some plants can give you fresh spices all year, like chives, rosemary, sage, or any other herbs that you prefer. Spicing your backyard with your preferred plants and adding a fresh look to your front yard will attract people who will appreciate your beautiful home landscaping.

4. Declutter.

After years and years, you may have accumulated many things at your house. When you bought the house, it was spacious and bright. After years and years, the closets are full, the garage is full and almost every shelf and counter are full of old magazines, books and personal mementos. If you want to sell your home fast, be sure to declutter and remove most of the personal pictures and knick-knacks you have accumulated over the years. You may pack up your grandma’s Christmas dishes, that bowling trophy and your old clothes in the containers and store them in a storage unit or your mom’s garage. Declutter your pictures on the walls also, especially personal family photos. Leave a few neutral pictures on the wall but not too many personal family memories. It will make your home look more spacious and more welcoming to prospective purchasers.

5. Spice up your interior.

My old grandma broker always told me to bake some cookies before every open house. Your home will smell so sweet and yummy. Right now, you do not need to bake any cookies. You can just go to the store to pick up scented candles or scented lights to plug in the electric sockets. You can have your home smelling like lavender, apple cinnamon, and vanilla cookies. People have different favorite scents, just like with paint colors. Again, it is best to choose a neutral, light, and clean scent. For example, lavender and apple cinnamon are scents that almost everyone can accept. Right now, Home Depot has pinecone and jasmine scents which are light and smell great. One time I brought a client to a house, which had some very strange and heavy scents. We had to run out as fast as we could because we could not stand the scent. When you spice up your home scents, always be sure to stay light and clean. Also, be sure to totally clean up the dust and spider nests and present your home with a whole fresh cleaning look to the buyers.

Many real estate agents have years of training and experience and, like doctors, can evaluate your home and give a diagnosis of what is needed to make the home sell quickly for the highest price. They can give you a lot of advice and guide you on the right track to sell your home. If you want to sell your home as fast as you can, be sure to do these things: repair all the damage, repaint your home, declutter and freshen up your interiors and your exterior landscaping. Listen to your real estate advisor. If you do not want to do too many repairs and refresh your home or you do not have time to do repairs and refresh your home, the only choice is to lower your price. Helping you sell your home and buy your new home is every realtor’s duty and pleasure. Working with your realtor is the key to sell your home as fast as you can.

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