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The Great Adventure Destination OMA

The Orlando Metropolitan Area, referred to as Greater Orlando, includes mainly Orange, Lake, Osceola, and Seminole counties.

According to the 2020 U.S. Census, the population of Greater Orlando is 2,673,376, an increase of nearly 540,000 new residents between 2010 and 2020. People from all over the world are enjoying vacations in Orlando and relocating their primary or second homes to Orlando. When visit or live in Orlando, what can you do to have fun and enjoy leisure time? You can enjoy the following amazing activities as part of your adventure in Orlando.

1. Thrill in the Theme Parks

Of course, first you want to visit the theme parks. If you come to Orlando and you don’t visit at least one of the Disney parks, you may leave with great regrets in your adventure. Riding on the rocket, soaring above majestic scenes in virtual reality rides and exploring on the fast train tracks, the amazing adventures will leave a lifetime of memories. After raising your pulse rate on these spectacular rides, you may want to relax and wander in all the different country-themed attractions, enjoy some wonderful music, and have a royal dining experience. Finally, you may want to experience the wild animal kingdom in the African Safari tour. After all these, in SeaWorld you can kiss a dolphin, pet a whale, feed a shark, or soak yourself in the water roller coaster ride. Besides these, there is excitement, joy, and horror in the rides and attractions at Universal Studios Florida. All these theme parks provide royal service and luxury retreats to every adventurer and vacationer.

2. Spend Time on the Waterways

If you want to explore some of waterways in Orlando, you can ride or paddle on the Wekiva, a wild and scenic river. With a kayak, canoe, paddleboard or motorboat, you can cruise the cool green waters in the shade of granddaddy oaks past sunbathing turtles and talk with gators and some long-legged wading birds. You can bring your own watercraft or simply rent one at the site. Don’t worry about getting hungry, there are many waterfront dining sites provided for you.

Your passion for enjoying wildlife does not have to end there. You can observe manatees up close at Blue Springs State Park, and you will be amazed at how big these sea cows can grow. A shady pathway with viewing decks allows you to travel alongside the spring. Here visitors can observe the gentle giants floating in 72-degree water. When the sea mammals come up to breath, you can get a glimpse of their rotund gray bodies, flippers, and flat tails.

After spending time with these gentle giants, it may raise your heartbeat if you are beside a 10-foot-long alligator weighing 700 pounds. Be sure not touch them, you may lose your hands or life if you get too close to them. You can experience it all from a safe distance at Gatorland Park. Besides these, you can see multiple lakes riding a pontoon boat in the Winter Park Boat Tour. Listen to the boat pilot explain Winter Park and Orlando history while you explore beautiful lakes and canals and see all the fancy mansions of rich celebrities or VIPs, including some real gaudy homes and castles on the lake. You can also take an air boat ride in Osceola County or pedal a swan boat at Lake Eola. At Lake Eola you will experience the waterways as part of the urban life of Orlando, climbing on a paddleboat shaped like a big white bird and pedaling around Lake Eola, enjoying the water fountain and the real live swans in the lake. It’s a great way to relax.

If you are in the mood for a little ride, you can drive to historical downtown Clermont to experience the ancient Floridian small town and enjoy vast Apopka Lake and showcase of citrus trees. Florida’s Fresh Air Attraction is a family owned operated 2,500-acre grove cultivating over 50 varieties of citrus that began in 1989. You can experience the U-pick citrus, the Old Time Country Store, gem mining in a real sluice box or simply have a relaxing picnic. There is something for everyone at the Showcase of Citrus. Harvest season typically runs from November through May.

3. Explore Sports and Entertainment Activities

Mentioning sports, our famous Orlando Magic Basketball will bring you to the Amway Center. You can see a star like Paolo Banchero, the 2023 NBA Rookie of the Year, scoring points in the last two minutes, and wave your arms and raise your voice cheering for your favorite teams.

If you are a soccer fan, roar with the Orlando Lions professional men’s soccer team or the Orlando Pride, the women’s professional soccer team. Since Orlando’s Exploria soccer stadium debuted in 2017, enthusiastic crowds draped in purple have filled the seats to watch rousing men’s and women’s soccer games. Soccer is a worldwide sport that helps to unite the world audience together. if you are visiting Orlando, you may want to enjoy some of these soccer games. Pizzas, food trucks, and DJs add a lot of fun of the soccer experience.

Besides these professional and college sports teams, there are plenty sports activities available for children during weekdays and weekends. Baseballs is one of America’s favorite sports. In my neighborhood Baldwin Park, all kinds of sports games are hosted for the little ones. You can also ride bicycles on the many bicycle trails and parks and explore Greater Orlando.

If football is your favorite game, you can attend a University of Central F