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How to Purchase a Property in America

There are about nine steps to purchase a property in America. Please read my blogs about the details. 
1. Preparing Funds: Funds can be cash or loans
2. Find a local real estate agent
3. Search the desired properties:  With your agent's help, your home search is more efficient and effective. It dramatically saves you time and energy. 
4. Make an Offer: Your real estate agent can help you make the proper offer and negotiate the final purchase terms. 
5. Inspection:  Your real estate agent will help you schedule and facilitate the property inspections.  
6. Property Appraisal: Arranging for a property appraisal is a wise option to affirm your purchase value 
7. Property Survey: A property survey is to reassure the property boundaries and size.  
8. Purchase Insurance: Property insurance protects your home from damage and vandalism and disasters. Your lender will require you to purchase home insurance before the closing.  
9. The Closing: The real estate closing is a process to complete the transfer of title and any loan financing and final exam of the property. 

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