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LiLianLi LLC is growing with the Orlando business community and can help locate, develop and manage all forms of commercial real estate investments in the community. 

New advances in science and technology have dramatically impacted the quality of our life and how we interact with one another.  Instead of traveling to malls and stores, more and more people are shopping on line.  The traditional comprehensive shopping mall is gradually being replaced with  convenient community spaces that provide opportunities to shop, dine and be entertained. 

The younger generations and more and more baby boomers seek a more balanced life through use of technology and more quality time with family and friends as well as leisure activities.  This has created a need for increasingly sophisticated development that provides easy access to work, shopping, entertainment and exercise and leisure facilitates.  Well planned commercial development that meets the need for a balanced lifestyle is the future. 

Technology-based online shopping and business activities are changing and will continue to change our commercial real estate needs. Combined office space and warehouse business centers are more functional and energy-efficient to service the business and commercial needs of the community.    

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