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Prepare to sell your home 

What is your current home value?

Find it immediately ! 


Find a real estate agent to help you to sell your home

Your real estate agent will help you analyze your property, research the market and price your property properly. After your agent has helped you to determine the correct price for your home, the next step is for your agent to list the property on the market.  Your real estate agent can help you show the property, evaluate and respond to purchase offers and facilitate completion of the transaction. 

Preparing your home for showing is a very important step. Declutter and remove personal and nonessential items from each room and keep every room super clean and neat; Let the sunlight in; bring in the fresh air; lock up personal items. Fresh new paint in the proper color will increase your home's value and make the house look great. There are a few critical spots where you need to pay extra attention:

1. Kitchen:

Move all clutter out of the sight so that the buyers can see all of the counter space that is available for cooking; clean all appliances, floors, light fixtures and sinks; repair all the broken parts and components; deodorize the garbage disposal, refrigerator, and dishwasher and remove all cooking odors

2. Bathroom: 

Keep everything super clean and neat; clean out cabinets and remove nonessential items; install new shower curtains; make sure the toilet flushes and exhaust fans work well; display clean, fresh towels; empty wastebaskets

3. Rooms:

Declutter nonessential personal items; clean around doors, windows, light switches, baseboards, chair rails, light fixtures, curtains, and draperies; remove or open all curtains to let in the maximum amount of light; clean dust and cobwebs in the corners; fix any scratches in the wood flooring and broken tiles; lubricate door hinges and window slides

4. Laundry Space:

Remove nonessential items; cleanout area behind washer and dryer; remove any mildew odors; clean lint trap

5. Storage Closets:

Keep closets clean and free of clutter; remove any nonessential items in the closet; ensure all sliding doors work well

6. Exterior:

Replace, repair or paint outdoor lighting, rain gutters, trim moldings, wood siding, window frames, doors, shutters, screens, window glazing, fences, and gates; repair any cracks in the stucco on walls; clean and wash windows, screens, siding, BBQ grill, A/C units, pool or whirlpool spas; clean around trash cans and recycle bins; remove any rubbish and woodpiles; ensure doorbell and knocker works; paint or replace street numbers; clean oil stains from garage, driveway, and street; patch driveway

7. Heating and A/C Unit

Vacuum to remove dust and lint; replace air filter; remove any stored items

8. Garage/Carport

Keep the area clean and uncluttered; repair or replace all light fixtures; Hang up or put away tools; clean up cobwebs; Remove oil and paint stain from floors; lubricate and repair garage doors 

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