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Lilian Weizhong Kattelmann


Lilian Weizhong Kattelmann is a licensed real estate broker and owner of LiLianLi LLC. She has a master’s degree in Commercial Real Estate from the University of Central Florida.

She was born and raised in China and has lived in Canada and the United States. Lillian has extensive professional experience in both Chinese and Western business cultures and languages. Her education and work experience in mechanical engineering and commercial real estate investment help her to visualize her clients’ desired property in three dimensions and guide them to the optimal investment in real estate.

In addition, her financial management education and experience help Lilian provide her clients with up-to-date market research, accurately determine the market value of their property, and advise them on how that value can be enhanced. Her hard work, enthusiasm, and business experience help her clients and agents reach their investment and career goals.  

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